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  • FAQs

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    Really, just $60 a session?

    Yes, really.

    Who will I be seeing? Are these professional therapists?

    You’ll be working with professional associate therapists. Associate therapists have completed a masters degree at respected, accredited universities and gained hundreds of hours of experience working with clients in a university setting. Having graduated and earned their degrees, they now must complete post-graduate hours to gain full licensure.

    How does it work?

    Easy. Call or email us today. We’ll learn about your needs and then match you with a therapist who fits your needs and schedule.

    Will sessions and my information be private?

    We are bound by the laws and ethics of the profession. You are guaranteed confidentiality. All sessions and notes are private. (Exceptions to confidentiality do exist, namely if a client poses an identifiable threat to another human being or in the cases of court orders (but not subpoenas)).

    How long will it take to be connected to a therapist at the annex?

    Anywhere from 4 to 14 days.

    How long does therapy take and how often do I come?

    A standard session is 50 minutes. Therapists may schedule longer 75-minute sessions as needed at time and a half ($90). Therapy is a weekly commitment.

    How long will I be in therapy?

    As long as you and your therapist feel is needed, or until you decide that you’ve met your goals and are ready to move on.

    Are sessions in-person or telehealth?

    Both options are available.