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  • Zhina Vartanian, LCSW

    Zhina is a licensed clinical social worker practicing in Los Angeles, CA. Zhina earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UCLA and her Master of Arts in Social Work, from Southern California University of Northridge.  Zhina has extensive experience working with teens, adults, parents, families, and geriatrics and while her approach relies heavily on CBT and existential therapy, she utilizes an eclectic mix of theoretical training and evidence-based practices (CBT, DBT, SFT, mindfulness, and family systems, for example) . Zhina has worked as a grief and loss counselor for the last 10 years, as well as a licensed psychotherapist in a range of settings.

    Utilizing CBT, Zhina’s main goal is to help the client learn new coping skills and adopt a new constructive mindset.  On the existential side, she guides the client with the opportunity to become more transcendent, responsible, accepting and more motivated to achieve the subjective sense of life. By end of the therapy, the client should be able to heal or alleviate symptoms related to the presenting issue and shall discover their authentic self and full potential to navigate his/her course of life effectively and purposefully.